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good morning, america. and this morning, air scare. another collision on the ground at one of the country's busiest airports. two delta airliners run into each other on the tarmac in ston. and we ask, why does this keep happening on our runways? and breaking right now. rupert murdoch's top lieutenant resigns overnight and the media mogul speaks out for the first time about the explosive allegations rocking his empire. hours from freedom. casey anthony ready to walk from her jail cell. the jury foreman speaks out on the eve of her release and why he never wants to see her again. the movie star and the teenager. he's 51. she's 16. the country's most controversial newlyweds talk to lara about the
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marriage that shocked everyone. now the real story revealed in a "gma" exclusivexclusive. and good morning, everyone. tgif, happy friday and we are excited to be heading to central park soon. brad paisley is there. he'll be playing some of his new country music and also a song called "water" that is the water song for summer.d also a song >> we've got another beautiful day at central park. another big crowd gathering. can't wait to get to that but a lot of news so right to that collision on the taxiway in boston last night. hundreds of passengers evacuated after the wing of a delta jumbo jet clipped the tail of another jet just months after a similar collision here in new york and abc's lisa stark is tracking this overnight. good morning, lisa.
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>> reporter: well, it was two delta flights, both loaded with fuel ready for takeoff. one rams into the other. it could have been much worse. this photo taken from inside the 767 clearly shows the damage. the wing tip of the jumbo jet sliced apart. the tail of the regional plane badly mangled. >> people were freaking out. the girl next to me was right by the wing crying and trying to jump on the emergency exit for a little bit. >> everybody said, what happened? >> reporter: it was still light out, around 7:30 last night when the planes collided. the regional jet apparently turned on to a taxiway perpendicular to the taxiway that the 767 was traveling on. the delta 767 pilot may have thought they had room to maneuver around the smaller plane. they did not. >> we're going to have to come back to the gate or were thinking maybe we should be towed back to the gate. we had an aircraft hit another
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aircraft. >> reporter: one passenger on the small plane complained of a neck injury. both jets had been preparing to take off. the delta 767 for amsterdam with over 200 passengers, the delta regional jet bound for raleigh-durham, north carolina, with some 74 passengers on board. >> very high traffic period, something will have to be taken into account as to why these two airplanes were in that close of a proximity to each other. >> reporter: incidents like these seem to be happening with stunning regularity. just last month, a lufthansa jet taking off at new york's jfk airport barely missed colliding with an egypt airline flight. >> cancel takeoff plans. >> lufthansa 411 heavy is -- >> now we hold our position. no need to speak about it on -- >> i thought those were coming together. >> reporter: in april two planes slammed into each other also at jfk.
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the dramatic collision caught on tape as the wing tip of a giant airbus a380 hits the tail of a regional jet and spun it like a top. now, last year at the nation's airports there were nearly a thousand cases of planes getting too close to each other or to vehicles. luckily most of them were not collisions but potential accidents like these are a major safety concern. george? >> okay, lisa, so let's follow up with aviation consultant john nance. it's hard to figure out how these are happening. they're generally moving pretty slow. how do they collide? >> they collide, george, because you've got very large aircraft here with pilots way up in the front and your vision does not have enough capability to know where the wing tip is if it's close. we make a lot of assumptions and obviously two of anything becomes a trend. we got to make this go away and that means we have to change the
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way we do things. >> even worse than the collisions as lisa pointed out, lots of near misses over the last year, a thousand near misses over the last year. >> yeah, it's very clearly a trend here and i know we've got a situation in all of the major airports where we're packing planes together, certainly true in jfk and boston, atlanta, on and on, but the fact is, we still have to have not only markings and procedures on the taxiway, air traffic controllers trained properly for this and pilots would are not put in the position of making an assumption they can't guarantee. >> now, logan, i know, had a signal system in their runway, but the faa doesn't require planes to have any kind of warning systems. >> that's true and basically if you're putting your nose gear on that center line, your assumption is that you're going to be clear, but that's not necessarily the case when everybody is packed in especially if somebody is crossed in front of awe and stopped. >> okay, john, thanks very much. a lot more needs to be done here. thank you. robin? >> yes, it does, thanks. to the breaking news on the
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growing scandal enveloping rupert murdoch's media empire. rebekah brooks stepping down and dan harris tracking the latest overnight. >> good morning. it's important to remember that rebekah brooks wasn't just any executive, he referred to her as his daughter reportedly bought her lavish gifts and often would dine alone at her at a country pub rather than taking power meetings with business leaders or politicians. rebekah brooks worked extremely closely with rupert murdoch for 22 years including editing the newspaper at the heart of this scandal and then running all of his british newspapers. in stepping down this morning brooks said she felt a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt. this resignation is the latest in a string of hard hits for murdoch. the 80-year-old titan, the man who in america owns fox news and "the wall street journal." he has remained relatively mum as this scandal has metastasized
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but this morning he is now finally speaking out about the scandal involving one of his tabloid papers in england, "news of the world." accused of bribing police officials and hacking into the phones of everyone from prime minister gordon brown to child murder victims to the victims of the 2005 london subway bombing. on thursday murdoch called a reporter at his own "wall street journal" and said his company has handled this crisis extremely well in every way possible. asked whether the swirl of negative stories was aggravating to him, murdoch said he was just getting annoyed, i'll get over it, i'm tired. and as to those comments from the former prime minister gordon brown that murdoch's reporters accessed the confidential medical records of his infant son, murdoch said he got it entirely wrong and now comes the specter of even more public humiliation. after at first refusing to testify before the british parliament, murdoch caved
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yesterday and agreed that he would. also, the fbi has now announced that it will investigate charges that murdoch's reporters hacked into the phones and computers of 9/11 victims. >> i think of all the friends and neighbors i lost, the friends and neighbors and family members that so many other americans lost on that day, the trauma we were going through, this is almost sacrilegious. >> there is more news. rupert murdoch's son james announced the company is setting up an indndendent committee to investigate all the wrongdoing and will also run ads in every newspaper in england this weekend apologizing to the nation and when both murdochs along with rebekah brooks testify to parliament on this tuesday, it will likely be a giant spectacle. >> as we said, this is far from being over. >> exactly right. >> all right, dan, thank you. have a good weekend. now to the debt showdown in washington. the talks seemed to end with a whimper. it's up to congress to come up with a solution. they're preparing to meet within an hour and he is holding a
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press conference late they are morning. no deal is imminent amid new warnings it could wreak havoc across our economy. jake tapper is covering it from the white house, jake, it seems like that last meeting, all the options were laid out and the president said i still want a big deal but it's up to you to come back to me with something you can pat. >> reporter: the only thing decided at the meeting yesterday they would not have a meeting today. president obama said, it's decision time and there are basically three options, one is the big deal about $4 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade. that would be entitlement cuts and also tax increase, something for everyone to hate. that seems very unlikely. the second option is this middle deal, maybe around $2 trillion in deficit reduction. all spending cuts, no tax increases, no entitlement cuts then there's this third option for this very complicated bit of legislation being offered by the republican senate leader mitch mcconnell. >> that's right, the fallback.
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it would basically put the burden on the president, make maybe a small down payment in cuts now but put off all the big decisions to a commission down the road and that really seems to be where all the action is right now because nothing seems possible to pass the house through the senate leaders. mcconnell and reid are working on this and could start hearings next week. >> they're talking about possible spending cuts in the legislation and also perhaps a commission that would offer major deficit reduction with an up-or-down vote to be offered in the future. >> jake, thanks very much. we'll be back at 11:00 live for the president's press conference from the white house. to the story that has every parent in the country on edge. the young new york city boy abducted by a stranger on the way home from summer camp. we are learning more right now about what really happened and abc's andrea canning has that for us. good morning. >> reporter: so much new information coming out in the last 24 hours. police say levi aron or levi
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tied the boy to a couch to keep him from escaping. still hasn't provided a motive for the crime. the attorney says his client is hearing voices and wants him placed on suicide watch. entering the court to boos and heckling in the distance, the monster who confessed to killing leibby kletzky appear eed emotionless. >> he admitted to smothering him and dismembering him. >> reporter: new details are emerging about the two horrifying days leibby was held captive. monday he walked home alone from camp but asked for directions from the wrong man. he abducted him around 5:30 and you can see them on 0 this surveillance video. shortly after he claims he drove to a wedding and brought the boy here but no one can recall seeing him. police hope a camera might provide more clues. >> i have surveillance but they took whatever they had to take.
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>> reporter: at 4:30 the next morning, aron went to work at a plumbing store with a new appearance. >> he stated that he had cleaned up or trimmed his beard for his work on tuesday. >> remain seated. come to order. >> reporter: he explains what happened next. when i saw the fliers, i panicked. when i got home, he was still there so i made him a tuna sandwich. i was still in a panic. that is when i went for a towel to smother him. investigators say so far there's no indication of sexual abuse, but there is evidence leibby fought for his life. >> there's some indication of scratches on aron's arms and wrists. >> reporter: amidst a mob aron was taken for dna testing in attempts to link him to any other missing person cases. the final words in his confession letter "i'm sorry for the hurt that i have caused." police say there are no reports aron had stopped any other
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children. as for protecting your own children arm them with a whistle or cell phone. practice the route and tell them it's okay to talk to certain strangers like a mom with kids or perhaps a retailer. and, robin, remember, safe neighborhoods are often the target of criminals because people have let their guard down. >> all good things to keep in mind, andrea. thank you. our dear friend bill ritter stopped by to pay his respects at leibby's home and had an emotional conversation with the family and is good enough to be here. you went there to -- >> to say i was sorry. >> they don't have tv. they don't read major newspapers. they don't want to know the details of their son's murder. how did you find the family to be. >> this is clearly a family in mourning, robin, but this is a powerful community and sitting shiva so a lot of friends and family and clearly a lot of love and support but clearly they've lost their only son.
7:14 am
they have six children. now they have five daughters. they lost their only son. he wasn't yet 9 years old and wanted to share with the family and had a chance to talk to the father for a couple minutes. while this is his pain alone there are millions of people certainly in new york and around the country who share this pain and their grief and he said something so poignant to me, and i -- it was private so i'll paraphrase it. he said, you know, if my son's death can bring all these people together, then what a great tribute for my boy and i just -- i was so moved by it. >> i'm sure it's quite obvious that you're still very touched by that time you spent with him. a little bit more about the community. it came out quickly, even before the police when the little boy went missing. >> a close-knit powerful insulated perhaps isolated community, but they are very close knit and powerful. have their own security force. they came out in force by the thousands and in those first 24 hours they made a grid. they had a command post, internal command post and made a
7:15 am
grid of the park, borough, brooklyn where they are and covered it 17 times looking for the boy. they're the ones that discovered the video that led to the arrest of the suspect and the discovery of the boy, so this is a proud community and they do not want to be victimized. we talked to many who said i'm having my children walk to camp. walk to school because we are not going to be victimized by this. this is a safe community. this is a terrible thing that happened but we are not going to be victimized. >> what does the family want us to know about the son. >> that he was a gentle -- the father and mother didn't talk about it but they said he's a sensitive, sweet, incredibly compassionate young boy and the father said one other thing that i want to share. he said, you know, i was proud to be his father for nearly nine years and for him to feel like that in the state of mourning says so much about him and that family and how tight they are. >> i know it was a struggle for you to -- should you go, should you not go but i'm glad that you
7:16 am
did and i'm sure -- >> actually we've gotten so many letters and e-mails of support from people saying thank you for sharing. >> to help us understand the community more. over to josh elliott for more developing news stories. good morning. >> good morning to all of you. let's get to what's happening right now. we begin with new information on osama bin laden's plan to attack the united states and the targets on his hit list at the time he was killed. it turns out he wanted to assassinate president obama in a most spectacular way. abc's martha raddatz has that new information and joins us right now. good morning to you, martha. >> reporter: good morning, josh. officials say bin laden was intent on carrying out an attack on the homeland on the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11 going through names of possible team members to carry out the attack, although the plot was only in the discussion phase. bin laden also remained obsessed with using aircraft to kill. officials tell abc news that bin
7:17 am
laden wanted to try to fly a small plane into a sporting event to cause mass casualties. and that hit list, bin laden's primary target, president obama. officials tell abc news that bin laden was trying to hatch a plan to kill president obama by shooting down air force one or marine one, his helicopter, presumably during one of the president's trips abroad. bin laden also hoped to kill general petraeus, commander of forces in afghanistan and soon to be cia director the same way, either in a helicopter or fixed wing airplane with a missile or rocket-propelled grenade. investigators do not believe the planning got very far and both mr. obama and general petraeus have countermeasures on their aircraft and additional aircraft following them that would make them a very tough target, josh is. >> chilling details, martha raddatz in washington, thank you. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton has arrived in turkey to meet with
7:18 am
diplomats hoping to end the conflict in libya. the rebels are desperate for more weapons after suffering yet another setback against forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. and roger clemens will learn in september whether he's off the hook for good. the judge in his federal perjury case declared a mistrial thursday after prosecutors showed jurors what was deemed inadmissible evidence. clemens is charged with lying to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. and there's word nfl owners and players have made significant progress in labor talks, specifically on rookie salary, the last key sticking point reportedly. a tentative deal could be in place within hours. and, well, as the nfl's millionaires and billionaires continue to haggle a disturbing sign of the realtimes in dallas. a stampede broke out when thousands of people rushed across this parking hot to apply for low-income housing vouchers. 5,000 people applied for just
7:19 am
3,800 of the vouchers. again, an absolute real problem there. very desperate. >> thank you. >> talk about sign of the times. people runnining like that. okay. sam out in central park with the weather. >> good morning, george, robin, josh, good morning, everyone. some of the most beautiful weather of the summer in central park right now but let's get right to the boards because there's some problem with heat building yet again in the country. a few people had a break but look at what we're going into this weekend and it'll get worse next week. from the mexico border all the way to the canadian border there will be heat advisory, watches and warnings out and the heat will be big. this weekend, gorgeous in new england, the mid-atlantic.
7:20 am
>> all of america's weather in the next half hour from central park. robin, george. >> coming up here, countdown to freedom. casey anthony just hours away
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from walking free. now the jury foreman speaks out. true love or truly bizarre. lara's conversation with a 51-year-old and his 16-year-old bride. ♪ have a better day [ male announcer ] only subway has a deal this flat-out delicious -- the new $3 flatbread breakfast combo. a toasty 6-inch flatbread breakfast sandwich and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. all for just $3. build your better breakfast today.
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any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. ♪ hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in a little drop of chocolate. pure hershey's. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most-- forecast and the forecast certified most being a are the by weatherate. you will notice there are a few more high clouds mixed into the sky. 69 and that may dim out sun. it will give us a different look compared to yesterday.
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but a beautiful morning out there. 65 york, 67. and officially in baltimore and 68 in easton. they were in the low 60s and a 50s on the eastern shore. high level clouds from a northwesterly wnd aloft and more -- wind aloft and more dimming of the sun. we will have a mix of clouds and sun today. up to about 85 degrees. still comfortable and back into the mid-60s tonight. let's check on the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: no major incidents report on the beltway. other than some debris on the road that's been there all morning on the inner loop at harrisburg expressway. jfx at coldspring no problems to report. we have traffic building in both directions. heavier southbound to the right of the screen. and cecil county 95 southboundis shut down at 222 bainbridge road detour at exit 100 and take root route 1 or poe has can i to get around -- pulaski to get around hit. police are look for a
7:28 am
gunman after shooting a security guard in the chest and another in the eye. they were on duty in the 2800 block of matthews street in northeast baltimore when gunfire broke out around 9:30 last night. police say two guards saw a man acting suspicious and went toinvestigatep that's when shots erupted. the security guard, a man and woman are in the hospital suffering from injuries. police believe the gunman was wounded. and we will have more news and weather coming up in 30 minutes. for now let's head back to new york and look at "good morning america."
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listening to old alabama driving ♪ >> friday, look at that crowd waiting for brad paisley. got a new album out and he's going to be rocking our summer concert series this morning and a lot of people with big smiles on their face in central park cannot wait. >> perfect way to start another summer weekend, mr. brad paisley, the reigning cma entertainer of the year. also coming up, casey anthony. we know that she will be released any time now, probably on sunday. that's what they're saying and we'll take a look at her road ahead and what's the jury foreman saying about the verdict. as we said, not guilty does not mean innocent. >> a lot of people w wdering what is she going to do the day
7:31 am
after. some say she will have to move to another part of country. >> change her appearance. >> we'll meet the u.s. women's world cup soccer team, big, big final coming up on sunday and we cannot wait for that. i know you cannot wait. >> oh, gosh. i'm debating whether i should hop a plane and get to germany. i'm right on the fence. i so want to be there. if not i can watch it on espn like the rest of everybody else and lara has this "gma" exclusive coming up, as well. he's 51. she's 16. i know she doesn't look 16 but she is. they say their relationship is real and so are the avalanche of death threats that the couple are receiving and her parents have been quite supportive of this marriage. >> i know they have and that's a good thing. i get angry every time i see those pictures. lara sat them down and put all the questions to them. first with casey anthony set to leave prison on sunday her
7:32 am
attorneys are still hard at work. jose baez spent time huddled with anthony in the jail with her as she prepares for what could be a dangerous life outside and future legal proceedings. our legal analyst dan abrams is standing by with more but first ashleigh banfield is here. you sat down with the jury foreman who helped set her free. >> time something everything. by the way, this is the third anniversary of the day the story began. the day casey admitted that caylee was gone and that was the day that the police swooped in. it would take three years to get this thing to trial but just 10 hours and 40 minutes for a not guilty verdict. the jury has been attacked, threatened for its decisions and one juror has fled the state and now the foreman although he wants to remain somewhat anonymous s trying to set the record straight and tell how they reached the verdict he did. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: she will be a free woman in just two days and the foreman on one of the most criticized juries since the o.j. simpson case said the not guilty
7:33 am
verdict was an agonizing choice. >> my heart was beating a thousand times a minute and it was, very emotional. everyone was silent. the evidence wasn't there and we had this overwhelming sense that we may have let people down. >> reporter: when you were finally able to watch tv and you found out casey was getting out on sunday, how did you feel? >> i was shocked. i was shocked. i thought it would be longer. it's a shame. it really is. >> reporter: how did the 38-year-old high school football coach feel about casey's 31 days of partying? >> they were terrible. and if we could have punished her for that, we would have done it. we would have loved to have done it for those actions that she portrayed afterward. >> reporter: she was proven to be a liar. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you viked her on being a liar. was it such a reach to see that she was lying about the whole backyard story and the swimming pool. >> it is a possibility. that's a major gray area for us and so many possibilities there. >> reporter: listen to how he describes juror number 12, the
7:34 am
woman who quit her job and fled the state in fear. >> she took care of us. she would actually go and do my laundry and she'd come back with -- >> reporter: she did your laundry. >> yeah. she'd fold my underwear. i didn't even know you could fold underwear. >> reporter: a den mother. but there's criticism, deliberations were just too short. >> people need to realize each night when we would come home, we weren't coming back and cooking a meal and hanging out with our families. we remember coming back to a hotel room. we were taking in, you know, everything that was given to us that day. >> reporter: and comparison to the other famous not guilty verdict. >> from what i read and from what i can remember i always sort of had an opinion that he was guilty. >> reporter: in that respect you see how others feel about this verdict. >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: he said he refused to look at casey when the verdict was read. so you knew that your verdict was going to upset a lot of people. >> yeah, absolutely.
7:35 am
absolutely. i did. >> reporter: and you knew that your verdict would have the opposite effect on casey. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: is that what you didn't want to see? >> yeah. >> reporter: there is a report out that she's being offered a million dollars from a hollywood producer to tell her story. >> well, to me it's -- that is just -- that really -- i find that mortifying. >> reporter: would you be surprised if she took an offer to tell the story. >> no. >> reporter: on day one you said she was probably guilty. >> right. >> reporter: legally you decided that's not possible. do you think she's innocent. >> i think she played a hand in something. we just don't know what, whether it was a cover-up, whether it was an act. >> reporter: what do you think of casey anthony? >> i don't ever want to see casey anthony again. >> reporter: if you run into her what would you say? >> i will say nothing. >> reporter: what will you do? >> i'll just walk away. >> reporter: they were sequestered for nearly two months. he continued his online studies
7:36 am
for his masters degree every night of that trial and always under the watchful eye of a deputy because he was online and another strange tip here, this one from our folks at, apparently 17 people have been giving money to casey anthony for her commissary account, hundreds of dollars which she can take with her when she leaves. very interesting. >> boy, that is. let's bring in dan abrams and start out with that jury foreman. always fascinating to hear from these jurors and they're telling a fairly consistent story. >> yeah, and what you see in cases like this and like an o.j. simpson where the jurors have been sequestered hen they come out and realize how angry the public is that they start to back off a little bit. they want to defend themselves and say we're not crazy. but you also will see jurors saying, for example, juror number three saying i initially thought she was guilty of manslaughter. i got convinced the other way and -- >> he never wants to see her again. >> he wants to demonstrate that he doesn't like her. he doesn't want to see her, et
7:37 am
cetera. >> casey might be going through something similar. she might not be prepared for the level of vitriol out in the public. some counsel she'll have to move away, change her appearance, get a hidden identity. >> at least for a little while. unlike o.j. simpson who had an enormous community of supporters when he came out of prison, who are the supporters? shoe, a few isolated people will give her marriage proposals, et cetera. we see that in every case like this but in terms of a real community of people she doesn't have it. >> what should we expect on sunday? you saw in the o.j. case a repeat of the car chase. every photographer in the country following the van back to his house. do you think they'll try to get her out of the courtroom -- courthouse secretly. >> i think they'll try to use some sort of diversionary tactic. it probably won't work but they only have a limited obligation. they need to get her out and get her back to wherever she's going and that's it.
7:38 am
i mean they don't have an ongoing responsibility to take care of her. thth just treat her like any other citizen. >> any kind of bodyguards or protection she has to pay for herself. >> sure, unless there is a specific threat where the police are called in as for any o oer citizen. >> thanks, dan. back out to central park. sam is there. >> hey, george, i don't want to brag -- [ cheers ] >> but i got to. it is so gorgeous in central park. am i right? this is some of the best weather in the nation today. brad paisley just did a sound check. that's how good this is going to be. so settle in with us this friday morning. to the board, a lot to talk about. den remember is one of those cities that had 10 inches of rain in 9 days. thunderstorms have been pounding the denver area day after day after day. take a look at the forecast, though, warmer air gets in there. a big area of high pressure starts building heat in the middle of the country and that means the numbers go up but that monsoon moisture dries out, as well. more in the way of heat as we go
7:39 am
through much of the country >> we are live in central park and all that weather was brought to you by milo's kitchen dog treats. sometimes you just got to brag. also coming up soccer mania counting down to the women's big world cup final and meet team usa in just a second. can i have some ice cream, please ?
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♪ break out in a wave all of a sudden because soccer mania is taking america by storm. the u.s. women's team in the final of the world cup facing japan. this is on sunday. a lot more people will be calling in sick. a closer look at the team that, boy, they just keep us on the edge of our seats every game. >> they make us earn it. they did in the last moments against brazil in the quarterfinals and late against france in the semifinals. they might not want to wait that long against japan come sunday. who could forget brandi chastain's winning penalty kick in the 1999 world cup. that shot and her celebration are iconic moments in american
7:44 am
sports history but fast forward 12 years, different players, a different coach but maybe, just maybe the same ending. >> the usa are in. >> reporter: the public is starting to find this team is not only fit but has personality to burn as when megan rapinoe scores this goal. ♪ born in the usa >> reporter: then there's 36-year-old christie rampone, mother of two. the only true soccer mom. her fourth and final world cup. after scoring that goal against france 22-year-old alex morgan received more than a dozen marriage proposals on twitter. one admirer tweeting will you marry me. great chip goal. but no one has risen above quite like goalkeeper hope solo. her father, a vet, who spent many years homeless died just before she played in the 2007 world cup. in that tournament solo was exiled after criticizing her then coach for benching her but
7:45 am
her setbacks have only steeled her. >> i've had naysayers my entire life. it inspired me. >> reporter: another of the team's hero, abby wambach, grew up of the youngest of seven which might explain her toughness. >> i want to have the feeling i've given every ounce of myself. >> reporter: wambach scored that wonder goal in the final minute of overtime against brazil. >> abby wambach has saved the usa's life. >> reporter: sunday, all eyes will be on this team. unknown no more. one win from history. and if history is their, robin, you figure abby wambach will have something to do with it and you know what that means. >> she has one more goal all-time leading scorer in women's world cup history. japan, they upset sweden and germany. a great match. >> they are fit. they are match ready. the u.s. will have to bring its very best. we'll be watching. >> yes, we will. hope you to do too. 2:00 p.m. eastern on espn
7:46 am
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"around the watercooler." maybe on top of it. you remember planking. >> sure. >> the bizarre fad where people just lie down. apparently that's just so two weeks ago. what are all the kids doing these days? it's something called -- wait for it -- owling. >> what? >> ow-ing. it is exactly what the name suggests. people sitting like owls. >> posing like an owl. >> i really think there are a lot of things everybody could be doing. if you have every single thing on your to do list checked off i suppose you find a little time to owl. >> they are good owls. >> hoo!
7:51 am
both thinking the same thing. >> let's take a look. sweeping the nation and the studio here today. >> how did i know you were going to say that. >> oh, fonzie. >> who will do anything to get on tv. >> no. owls don't wave. owls certainly don't wave. >> scotty. >> well done, scotty. >> owls don't fall. >> even in the control room. >> there's nobody manning the show anymore. >> this is -- >> oh, we couldn't get -- james to do it. >> denise is owling in a dress, she just told me. >> come on, tom, you spoil sport. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups.
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coming up right here on "good morning america," brad paisley. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:56. the sun is up. i want to take you to ellicott city around 5 a.m. see the glow? that's the full moon slipping behind clouds. and clouds for some have been anissue mixing in with the sunday shine. there may be more -- sunshine. there may be more mixture of clouds. temperatures in the 60s in ellicott city 68. and up towards westminster. 69 bel air and from glen burnie through annapolis pushing 70 this morning. there's the high thin band of clouds coming out of northwest.
7:57 am
otherwise we have pleasant conditions once again. going for 85 our two degree guarantee high and not much of a better explanation than just that a mix of sun and clouds more so than yesterday. back to about 6 5 overnight. going to the beach, 81 today, more clouds for them and 78 tomorrow with the wind off 72 degree water. but back into the mid-80s on sunday. >> reporter: no major incident on the beltway. we are doing okay on both loops. traveling outer loop we have the usual volume there. 795 southbound from reisterstown all lanes are open. this is the jfx from the west 41st street overpass. no problems here. volume building. heavier southbound. northbound no incidents in your way. and sees i county all morning, we have had an accident with a tractor trailer -- cecil county all morning we have had an accident with a tractor trailer and car. it shut down before the tidings bridge. traffic is detoured at exit 100 so you have to take pulaski southbound. everybody is doing that.
7:58 am
so, there's a backup on pulaski highway. that's all of the bailout traffic. so that's going to be heavy between 272 and perrysville road. now back to new york and "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ listening to old alabama >> good morning, america. on this friday morning, it's central park and they're all here to see brad paisley. his new music called "this is country music." we'll hear some of that. he's been having a little bit of a sound check. >> you're having so much fun with brad you almost didn't make it back up on the stage in time. >> he put his hand here and they all swooned. he'll play what he did the sound check for, "water." if that doesn't get you in a great mood. >> we're looking forward to
8:01 am
that. a lot to get to including the story of this woman, an unusual addiction. found a secret way to cope with stress. she could not stop until her daughter gave her the courage to do it and you'll want to hear this story and you see her right there. she is actually chewing what she -- >> the dryer sheets. >> she couldn't stop. >> i know what you're thinking at home like, oh, boy, how can i relate to this? i'm telling you in every way she's just like everybody else and sometimes we have these odd addictions and we'll tell you why. it's really an uplifting story in the end. >> her daughter stepped in. >> that's true. what else do we have coming up? >> out to lara. >> that's right. lara is in l.a. oh, my gosh, you have to see this story lara did. lara? >> hey, you guy, as you know, this couple has the internet abuzz. 51-year-old doug hutchison and his teen bride, courtney. she is just 16 years old. they say their love is real and her parents are on board.
8:02 am
you'll see them together and decide for yourself. back to you in new york. i wish i was with you. it looks great over there. >> we know you're there. >> right now back to josh elliott in the studio with the rest of the headlines. >> to what's happening right now and we begin with the nation's debt crisis. after another warning that the government's debt rating could soon be downgraded, president obama is holding a news conference this horng to emphasize that now is the time to act to raise the debt limit. he's asked congressional leadership to gauge what kind of plan their parties will support and to report back to him again by tomorrow morning. meanwhile, some frightening moments in boston's logan airport. two delta jets collided while preparing for takeoff. the wing tip of a 767 was, in fact, sliced apart while the tail of a regional plane was badly damaged. no oneeriously hurt. the top aid to rupert murdoch has resigned amid the growing scandal at a british newspaper.
8:03 am
rebekah brooks is the woman. now to a mysterious death in a wealthy san diego neighborhood. the girlfriend of a millionaire ceo hasn found dead at his sprawling estate. police are calling it a violent and suspicious case. abc's abbie boudreaux has more. >> reporter: they call this the crown jewel of san diego and can't believe something like this would happen here. police are calling the death in this picturesque beach town both bizarre and suspicious. 32-year-oldbecca zahau was staying in the mansion. the man was not home. on wednesday morning police received a 911 call from his brother saying he found the woman hanging from a second
8:04 am
floor balcony of the multimillion dollar home naked. her hands and feet bound. >> when he was on scene he started medical aid himself and, of course, the officers assisted. >> reporter: police say they gathered evidence from the 27-room estate and are awaiting autopsy results. but admit they can't say whether zahau was murdered or killed herself. >> we always keep an open mind. there are things that catch our attention sometime and it's unusual because she is bound. >> reporter: neighbors say the death is made more mysterious many by another incident earlier. on monday his 6-year-old son was seriously injured inside the mansion. police won't say what happened but the boy is now hospitalized in critical condition. we spoke with the victim's sister. she said she had a conversation with rebecca the night before she died and said everything seemed just fine. this remains a total mystery, josh. >> abbie boudreau in california, thank you for thafrjts the husband of gop presidential candidate michele bachmann is speaking out for the first time
8:05 am
defending his controversial christian-based counseling clinics. marcus bachmann tells "the minneapolis star tribune" says his clinics do not force treatment on anyone and does not try to turn gays into heterosexuals. here's diane with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> hello and happy friday to you, josh. you have to meet someone tonight. he has one of the rarest diseases on earth but it didn't stop him from chasing his dream and you'll find out why some people call him a hero and we call him our person of the week and that's tonight on "world news". >> i'll be watching. finally proof today's housing market is tough even at the very top. you may have heard the late tv producer aaron spelling's hollywood mansion was on the market. the asking price, once upon a time it was a cool $150 million. not bad for 27 bathrooms and a bowling alley among others.
8:06 am
just sold, however, to a british socialite for a not so cool $85 million. that in fact a 40% discount. that is a look at the news at just six past the hour. let's turn to you to lara once again in l.a. this morning on assignment and braving carmageddon for today's pop news index. >> so far so good on that one, josh. we have a lot to talk about in our pop news heat index. first off there is a new concept in filmmaking that has everyone abuzz. a little different than the way martin scorsese does it. the director of "inside" that will star emmy rossum is using social media to determine major plot points. if you're on facebook, twitter or youtube, you can talk to rossum as the film is being shot to help her character think of ways to escape the bad guys and could land a part in the film. like our generation's idea of being discovered at the mall. it starts july 25th. also, big this morning,
8:07 am
twitter on fire with news that three cast members of the hit show "glee" will be graduating this coming season and these are big stars, cory monteith and crill cole for and here's what's cold on our index. co colfer found out he would one of the three leaving when he read it on twitter. not something you want retweeted. up next, a wildly popular rival to itunes has come to america after negotiating with the four major record labels here, the music downloading service launched in the states offering free tunes and a leibby of 15 million records, but there are some catches. you need to be invited on to the spotify site and limits on how much you can download. they have millions of users in europe and they're buzzing about this cool new service. time for the celebrity baby
8:08 am
name game. last week we found out national thatly portman named her baby boy aleph and then the beckhams named their daughter harper. today we find out kate hudson and matthew bellamy named their boy bingham, bing for short. it's his middle name we love, it's hahn, so welcome bing hahn bellamy. back to you in new york. >> welcome to all the harpers. >> a new friend. >> george, we were thinking about going with the boots but thought it would be too obvious. >> brad didn't even go for boots. maybe he'll put them on later. >> we're on our way back to lauren. in the ever so fashionable "good morning america" yetup. let's get to the boards.
8:09 am
one or two things going on we want you to know about. as you head outside your door, likely you'll deal with heat in the middle of the country. eventually catches up with us on the east coast. one of the nicest spots to be from the mid-atlantic all the way into new england. that area of high pressure builds up in the middle of the country. one place that will not get more heat, it is a rainy start to the northwest. tapers off, the showers, by the time you get towards sunday, first part of the weekend not so nice. quick look at your flyby. you need rain, i know you don't want it on the weekend but you've been part of the drought. texas, oklahoma, arkansas, still very dry, very hot and i'm getting hotter next week so settle in for that.
8:10 am
brad paisley coming up live in central park but from central park, coast to coast to l.a., lara spencer. lara? >> thank you. what a crowd. all right. now here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma" morning menu. the marriage that has us talking, a 51-year-old man ties the knot with a 16-year-old girl. is this relationship even real? i talked to them and you'll see the interview and you can decide. the woman addicted to dryer sheets. that's right. the sheets you use in your laundry. it's the compulsion that has put her life at risk. and the one and only brad
8:11 am
paisley performing in central park coming up on "good morning america." [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go. it's a cloud of depression. and although you've been on an antidepressant for at least six weeks, you're frustrated that your depressive symptoms are still with you. seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder.
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a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice.
8:15 am
we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. vo:...and so is the bacon... cheddar ranch tendercrisp at burger king. it's the at&t network... crispy bacon, rich cheddar cheese and creamy ranch dressing. not even the end of the world will make you put it down. get it before it's gone. and see "transformers: dark of the moon" now in theaters. coming up, "good morning america's" summer concert series presented by burger king. it is time now for that marriage story that has so many of us mystified, skeptical and from reading your comments online a little bit upset too. 51-year-old actor doug hutchison meets 16-year-old courtney stodden. they get married. lara sat down with the newlyweds and, lara, this couple really
8:16 am
has to deal with the ick factor >> that's why they wanted to come on "gma," george, and tell their side of the story. as you know it takes a lot to raise eyebrows in hollywood and older men marrying younger women not that uncommon, but what has people so up in arms about this story, we're talking about a 16-year-old girl and a man not just old enough to be her father, he actually is older than her father. i sat down with them and they defended their relationship. not since 22-year-old jerry lee lewis married his 13-year-old cousin has a may to december romance been this scandalous. when doug hutchison married 16-year-old courtney stodden in may their 35-year age difference set the internet ablaze but is it real love or some twisted publicity stunt? he's most famous for playing the abusive prison guard in "the green mile." >> got all the men they need.
8:17 am
♪ when i'm walking or talking >> reporter: she is an aspiring actress and pop singer and believe it or not, she really is 16. we verified her birth certificate. they met online when courtney signed up for doug's acting workshop. at first doug says he had no idea she was just a teenager. so when you found out how did you feel? >> well, you can imagine, i -- my world turned upside down. >> reporter: they had begun a four-month courtship over the internet and say they fell in love without ever meeting each other in person. >> having never met her and i'm telling you it was a really beautiful and unique way to get to know someone, because we didn't have the distraction of -- >> physicality. >> reporter: all the while her mom had been monitoring the exchanges and was fully aware that doug was so much older than
8:18 am
her daughter. >> and i said, if you and alex have any misgivings whatsoever about this, if you are uncomfortable with it, i will respect you and courtney will respect you and we will step back. >> reporter: courtney's parents say despite her provocative appearance she is a deeply christian girl so they put their faith in her choice to be with a man more than three times her age. if you're wondering how it can be legal, the reason there was parental consent. no sexual e-mail exchanges and no physical contact. that wasn't breaking any laws. there is a joke 16 will get you 20. >> 16 will get you 20 if you are doing something illegally. it was krista who said you could get married in you want. there are ways to do that. >> reporter: 39 states allow 16-year-olds to marry as long as
8:19 am
they have documented parental consent and a birth certificate. >> what were you thinking? >> i was just thinking how much i love you. >> reporter: four years younger than his soon-to-be son-in-law, courtney's father walked his daughter down the aisle at a las vegas chapel. >> you look into each other's eyes and you speak those vows. your world changes. >> reporter: now legally married they were free to consummate their relationship. >> i was a virgin when i married him. >> she was saving herself. >> i knew if i kept that i would really be blessed with a beautiful gift and god d he blessed me with my soul mate. >> reporter: but at 16 do you really know? >> i do. i'm very mature for my age. i'm an old soul and doug can back me up on this. >> yes. >> reporter: do you think marrying doug will help your career? >> if it does, you know, that's us another beautiful blessing that god hands to me but if i'm just with him for the rest of my life and supporting him, that
8:20 am
would make me happy too. >> reporter: they insist they are just a typical newlywed couple but their relationship has many people outraged. there's a lot of negativity online surround your relationship that you look much older than you are. a lot of people don't mind saying you're a pervert. what do you say to that. >> i'm a pervert. courtney is -- courtney a parents are the worst parents in the world. >> uh-huh. >> pimps selling their daughter off. people are welcome to their opinions. that's what the world is about. if they -- if they need to feel this way, that's theirs to hold. not ours. >> reporter: and courtney wants to set the record straight. she ink cysts allegations that she's had plastic surgery are false. >> courtney's plastic surgeon was god. >> reporter: but doug and courtney will never be able to convince many people that their relationship is 100% natural. courtney a parents have received
8:21 am
death threats. doug's agent and managers have dropped him. even his own mother wants nothing to do with them. >> they held me in her arms and i cried a little bit and we looked at each other afterwards and we said we knew this was going to happen. we knew we would have to weather -- >> the storm of our union. >> of our decision and our union and this is just the beginning and it brought us closer. >> uh-huh. >> together. >> they say it's real and i know a lot of you have asked, is courtney still in high school? she says she was so bullied because of the way she looks that she dropped out and has since been homeschooled during online christian academy and says right now she has no plans to attend college but and this may come as no surprise, she and doug have plans for a reality show and tell me they're being courted by producers who "see the gold mine potential in their relationship" which, george, of course, leads to more speculation as to whether or not this marriage is real or all for
8:22 am
publicity. >> no question. lara, i wish you could be here to see the crowd watching your interview. it is unbelievable. no, everybody was gripped. first of all, but beyond that when you talked about the line where you had -- said despite the fact that her appearance she's a deeply christian woman. everybody behind me burst into laughter. it was amazing. but this story is really generating a lot of controversy. you brought it out today and, of course, we can see a lot more tonight on "nightline." thanks a lot. robin? >> has the makings for a great country song when you look at it like that but we have brad paisley who is coming up so just be patient. he's coming up. but we have another story here. you know, addictions and something that was so strange for someone. they didn't know where to go for help but they did get the help. it is an unusual story but also uplifting in the end and bianna golodryga brings it to us. ♪ >> reporter: 35-year-old
8:23 am
tramissa lives a seemingly ordinary life as a busy single mother of three but she also has a dangerous secret habit. for four years she's been addicted to chewing dryer sheets. >> most people use dryer sheets this their laundry. me, on the other hand, i love the taste of dryer sheets. >> reporter: it's a taste she developed after years of eating lavender soap. both smells of her childhood. >> my grandmother, her house always smelled like fabric softener. >> reporter: you'd chew it and spit it out. >> just like chewing gum. it's very soft. the taste of it for me was somewhat tangy. it was like a tangy type of taste, almost related to citrus. >> reporter: wrapping the dryer sheets in tissue, charmissa chewed up to eight a day, two boxes a week, a powerful
8:24 am
addiction she picked up from her mother would chewed on tissue. it was a coping mechanism for stress. >> me being a professional person, an intelligent person and i've encountered a lot of things in my life that cause a lot of stress and anxiety because this was comforting to me, you know, that's the only reason why i continued to do it as well because it was like a stress relief for me. >> reporter: yet her battle was just that, a secret. nobody knew about her addiction to dryer sheets. you were a functioning addict. >> i justified it. i'm not doing crack. i'm thinking i'm not doing an illegal drug, you know, i'm not an alcoholic, so surely this can't, you know, be that harmful. >> reporter: but with her young impressionable daughter watching her every move history threatened to repeat itself. >> spit it out, gabby. spit it out. >> thank you.
8:25 am
>> reporter: i started noticing that she would get tissue, you know, just from the toilet roll and she would piece it off and put it in her mouth and i'm like, oh, my god, i don't want my baby doing this. >> reporter: charmissa decided to get help and learned her addiction posed serious health risks. >> there are a bunch of chemicals that are put together. when you ingest those things that could be fatal. it could cause pancreatic cancer to lung cancer, significant effects from many of the chemicals on the central nervous system. >> i have to stop this and don't want to continue harming my body and god forbid not being here for a children. >> reporter: she realized her deadly addiction had less to do with dryer sheets and more with her sense of lack worth and relevance. >> sometimes i don't feel that i'm a good mom. you know, sometimes i just feel like a failure in that aspect.
8:26 am
>> reporter: thanks to tlc, therapy and the amazing support of her family it's been 3 1/2 weeks since charmissa chewed on dryer sheets and tissue. she admits she still has cravings but snacking on cranberries and chewing gum as well as a diet high in b12 and iron is helping. she hopes her story can serve as an inspiration to others. what do you have to say to others at home who is in the same position as you are when you first watched the show. >> i'm free now. i'm serious. i'm so free. you know, so i just want them to know that you don't have to continue to do what you're doing. you don't have to. >> you have a lot to live for. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, dallas. >> and we wish charmissa the best. you can see "strange addictions" on tlc. i don't know about you at home but we are ready for brad paisley. come on back.
8:27 am
now married's most powerful doppler radar a forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 8:27 we have a morning we are pushing back into the low 70s. it's still comfortable outside. you may notice not as crisp as it was yesterday. 69 york p.a. to, 37 in easton. high cloud deck mixing in especially west and south. we will mix in a few more clouds for today but overall still comfortable. going 85 the two degree guaranteed high and slip back into the 60s overnight. for most us, ramping up mid to upper 80s over the weekend. mixing in more clouds on saturday and we crank up the heat with 9 as -- 90s most of next week. to the road and get away day for some. how about it. >> reporter: we are starting to get out. we have this just in. accident reported on loch raven
8:28 am
boulevard at northern parkway. look at the jfx at coldspring many no problems here. a little heavier traffic southbound to the rift your screen. our problem spot is 95 southbound before the tidings bridge detours exit 100 to pulaski. slow traffic on pulaski. three mile delay crossing the hatem bridge many here a joce. >> two baltimore city church are doing what they can to help fight crime in the city. if you bring a gun to to the church this weekend you can receive 50 or $100 no questions asked. they have collected 240 guns between them since they started the program. the gun buy back program will be tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at both churches. the first gun buy back pac program happened in 1974 when city police collected 13,000 guns. a good event to check out this weekend. and we will have an update on the weather coming up in about 30 minutes. in the monday time, back to new
8:29 am
york for more "good morning america."
8:30 am
♪ back live here in central park. i know that anywhere. just a tease. don't worry. a lot more coming up. we said we'll let the band play. he can't help it. brad was back here, not supposed to be in the shot and couldn't resist playing with the boys so a lot more with brad and his new music. "this is country music" and new coming up -- >> a whole new audience because of the soundtrack.
8:31 am
i know your boys are happy about that called "nobody's fool." >> i do believe those boots are appropriate today. how is the weather looking. >> as opposed to every other day. we are just moment as way from brad paisley on stage. your weekend weather out of the way. your twitter pictures. i got to say i like yosemite falls. the northwestern rivers and lakes are roaring because of that unusual snow pack. you don't get much credit for a beautiful picture in hawaii because every picture is beautiful in hawaii. here's where it gets hot through the middle of the nation from minneapolis to denver to kansas city and weekend flyby will show you that heat doesn't go anywhere. one of the most -- well, it's a gorgeous weekend this weekend into new england all the way through the mid-atlantic.
8:32 am
>> that weather brought to you by at&t. oh, george. >> i think you guys are ready for the biggest star in country music? is that a yes? from his new album, "this is country music." brad singing "old alabama." ♪ she'd rather wear a pair of cut-off jeans ♪ ♪ than a fancy evening dress enwith her windows ♪
8:33 am
♪ rolled down and her hair blowin' all around ♪ ♪ well, she's a hot southern mess ♪ ♪ she'd take a beer over white wine ♪ ♪ a campfire over candlelight ♪ ♪ and when it comes to love her idea of a romantic night ♪ ♪ is listenin' to old alabama ♪ ♪ and driving through tennessee ♪ ♪ a little "dixieland delight" and "the right time ♪ ♪ of the night" and she can't keep her off of me ♪ ♪ and now, we rollin' down an old back road ♪ ♪ i've got the steering wheel in one hand ♪ ♪ we'll find a hideaway where she and i ♪ ♪ can play in
8:34 am
mother nature's band ♪ ♪ now, we're listenin' to old alabama ♪ ♪ and we're parked somewhere in tennessee ♪ ♪ a little "dixieland delight" and "it feels so right" ♪ ♪ and it's "love in the first degree" ♪ ♪ ♪ forget about sinatra or coltrane ♪ ♪ or some ol' righteous brothers' song ♪ ♪ hey, even barry white ain't gonna work tonight ♪ ♪ if you really wanna turn her on ♪ ♪ play some back home come on, music ♪ ♪ that comes from the heart play somethin' ♪ ♪ with lots of feelin' 'cause that's where ♪
8:35 am
♪ music has to start ♪ now, we're listenin' to old alabama ♪ ♪ and we're drivin' through tennessee ♪ ♪ a little "dixieland delight" and "it feels so right" ♪ ♪ and it's "love in the first degree" ♪ ♪ yeah, you know we're listenin' to ♪ ♪ old alabama and we're drivin' through tennessee ♪ ♪ a little "why, lady, why" at "the right time ♪ ♪ of the night" and she can't ♪ ♪ keep her hands off of me ♪ ♪ me me me ♪ ♪ oh, play me some old alabama
8:36 am
oh, play me some old alabama won't you play me some old alabama oh, play, play, play ♪ ♪ >> thank you. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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♪ listening to old alabama >> summer concert series front and center here is brad paisley. it's called "this is country music." we'll hear more from him in a moment. thought we'd chitchat with the reigning cma entertainer of the year. >> hey. >> and i love how you get entertained on the commercial breaks. you play a mean guitar. >> i'm bored. you're waiting for the show to come back. might as well play. >> congratulations on the award you won. we're excited that you have
8:40 am
agreed to host again with carrie underwood the cma awards. >> you say that like i had something better to do. >> you love doing it. you know you do. >> and you and carrie work so well together. >> no better way to pass the time in a three-hour show. >> carrie is part of your new music. we hear her. >> yep. >> she's on it. sheryl crow, blake shelton, you'll be with him tonight playing in jersey. is there anyone that you haven't collaborated with that you're like -- >> i say this every time on tv. i always say eric clapton and -- he's obviously heard me at some point and -- i've said it everywhere. i dade it when we did our special. he hasn't called so -- >> we'll see what we can do about that. i love having alabama on the new album. >> we were here with them the last time. >> that was the way to do it.
8:41 am
you have "cars 2." you're going to play something in a moment with that but what is your favorite song to perform when you're out, what is it that you look forward to. >> anything new that's a hit, anything that's brand new because you haven't worn it out and still experimenting with it and yet people know it when it's brand new and exciting so you're sort of learning it in front of people which is what we're about to do with this "cars 2" song that we're about to play. i'm learning it in front of you. you can judge for yourself. >> that could be your motivation. that little one right there. just sing it to him. his little guitar. >> guitar hero guitar. >> all right. birthday? >> 4 years old. >> really. 4 years old. >> that's great. >> ever since he was 2. >> his whole life. >> that's why he's the entertainer of the year.
8:42 am
here we go, brad paisley. it's from the soundtrack of "cars 2." "nobody's fool ♪ ♪ had the time of my life before i could see what was really going on ♪ ♪ and what you really thought of me look at me now eyes open wide ♪ ♪ wiser today and driving away with my shattered pride ♪ ♪ now i'm nobody's fool it ain't no fun anymore ♪ ♪ 'cause now that i'm nobody's fool i'd rather be yours yours
8:43 am
yours ♪ ♪ you know what they say the truth sets you free ♪ ♪ and that's just great unless you don't want to be ♪ ♪ and you can keep the last laugh 'cause i don't like how it feels ♪ ♪ when you save face but your heart breaks well you've cut the wrong deal ♪ ♪ and now i'm nobody's fool ain't no fun anymore ♪ ♪ don't wanna be nobody's fool i wanna be yours yours yours ♪
8:44 am
♪ 'cause i'm a fool anyway whether i leave or stay ♪ ♪ so why oh why did i have to run i want to make you laugh ♪ ♪ i want to make you smile i want to feel like i belong to someone ♪ ♪
8:45 am
♪ ♪ now i'm nobody's fool i miss the way it was before ♪ ♪ don't want to be nobody's fool i wanna be yours yours yours ♪ ♪ don't want to be nobody's fool i want that be yours ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ >> welcome back to our summer concert series with brad paisley. time now for robin's favorite album "american saturday night," the song "water."
8:49 am
♪ inflatable pool full of dad's hot air ♪ ♪ i was 3 years old splashin' everywhere ♪ ♪ and so began my love affair with water ♪ ♪ on a river bank with all my friends ♪ ♪ a big old rope tied to a limb ♪ ♪ and you're a big old wuss if you don't jump in ♪ ♪ the water ♪ yeah, when that summer sun starts to beatin' down ♪ ♪ and you don't know what to do go and grab someone you want to
8:50 am
see in a bathing suit and drive until the map turns blue ♪ ♪ daytona beach spring break 18 girls up on stage ♪ and be sprayed with water ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, when that summer sun starts to beatin' down ♪ ♪ and you don't know what to do just go and grab someone ♪ ♪ you wanna see in a bathing suit ♪ ♪ and drive until
8:51 am
the map turns blue ♪ ♪ you can stay right there when the daylight's gone ♪ ♪ play truth or dare it won't take long ♪ ♪ 'fore you and her got nothin' on but water ♪ ♪ all you really need this time of year ♪ ♪ is a pair of shades and ice cold beer ♪ ♪ and a place to sit somewhere near ♪ ♪ water ♪
8:52 am
♪ consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
8:53 am
8:54 am
they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us.
8:55 am
we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. thank you, brad. >> we've got to cut over to these guys right here because this next song, you'll play us off with a great song all for them. >> you can see it all online. have a great weekend, everybody. >> "camouflage." ♪ wasn't really all that popular in school but i remember well the day i thought that guy is pretty cool ♪ ♪ he pulled into the parking lot
8:56 am
and everybody cheered ♪ ♪ he had gone and painted his entire chevy cavalier. ♪ camouflage camouflage ♪ should have seen the way it looked ♪ ♪ camouflage camouflage ♪ she made us matching tux and gowns ♪ now maryland a most powerful dop lar radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate.
8:57 am
we have got a look at temperatures. they are bumping into the 70s. low 70s bel air up tore the here forezone 71. 07 westminster and out of the 50s and 70 in woodbine. mid-70s on even shore. temperatures from the top of the hour up to the north showing 60s and that's the source of at least our air region and high pressure to the north. and providing us with the pleasant day yesterday and also for today. while we are looking at high pressure, we are watching upper level winds carrying some high clouds mixed in across the area. if anything occasionally they could dim out the sun and the positioning of the high will determine our wind flow. and there may be a variable wind should be as brisk and pronounced as yesterday. but anywhere from the eastern flow near the waterways and more to the south helping to pump in more heat. but overall what we will be watching, an interesting -- on our computer model, there will be a possibility of showers
8:58 am
flying firing up 59 and the current state pack parkway jersey turnpike this afternoon if the weekend travels take you there you may run into light rain or springel. watch the influence of some wind off the ocean. it could add cloud cover tomorrow morning and maybe into the afternoon as well for the beaches. we will have a mix of clouds and sun but overall warming temperatures to be expected for all of us going through the end of the weekend and next week. today 85 will do it a mixture of sun and clouds and the best way to describe things comfortable outside with relative low humid imas we head through tonight, back to the mid-60s. 87 partly cloudy tomorrow and there may be more clouds towards the south and east. 88 sunday with more sun. and 90s returning next week and if you going to the beach a. few more clouds and slightly cooler on saturday. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean?
8:59 am
or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today.
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